Roofing Services

At Roofing Solutions, we offer home and business owners in the greater Toronto area a multitude of roofing services, as well as a lifetime of roofing expertise and knowledge for every residential and commercial need. The biggest mistake you can make is taking shortcuts or attempting do-it-yourself roof repairs on the most important part of your home, office, or warehouse. Here are the types of residential and commercial services we offer:

Residential Roofing Service

Professional Installation and Re-installation of New or Replacement Roofs

The structure of a residential building alters as your home ages. This can often cause nails to pop out as time passes on. Also, roof issues can arise if improper materials are used on your roof. We will assess the problems and offer you the best roofing solution, keeping in mind your budget and timeline.

Variety of Shingle Options

We offer a variety of shingle options, such as industry standard composition shingle, asphalt and laminated asphalt singles, weather-treated cedar shakes, metal tiles and sheeting, or even concrete tiles. All our roofing materials are sun, rain, snow and wind resistant. Our custom installation helps prevent moisture, both from the elements and from increasing condensation underneath the surface that may penetrate the surface and cause leaks.

Expert Residential Roofing Repairs

Residential roofing is tricky to repair yourself because it’s often hard to determine the cause of leaks. It can sometimes be shingles that are aging,¬† installed incorrectly, the flashing, or an issue with the plywood that goes ignored. Our thorough approach¬† will not only addresses poor securing and aging of shingles, but also assess and possibly change any plywood underneath that may have been damaged due to excessive moisture or storm debris hitting your home.

Commercial Roofing Service

Cap Sheet Membrane/Thermoplastic Liquid Membrane

In climates such as those we deal with here in Toronto, ice and water can pose a significant threat to the integrity of a low-slope commercial roof. We can use either cap sheet or thermoplastic liquid membrane to shield your roof from puddles that can be caused by evaporating ice or excessive rain. Cap Sheet membrane is a self-adhesive layer while Thermoplastic Liquid Membrane is a heated sheet that self-seals when cooling. Both are excellent for weatherproofing any commercial roof and we pride ourselves in ensuring that installation of both types isn’t complete until we are satisfied that it’s done correctly and thoroughly. We also offer membrane replacement services and are highly trained in locating leaks in older installations.

Weather-Tight Roof Venting Solutions

Not only can we install custom and commercial venting for your commercial roof, we ensure that such installation isn’t finished until we have made sure that the tar or rubber boot around all vents won’t crack and is sufficiently caulked to prevent moisture from gathering.

Flashing Installation

We ensure that all flashing transitions from roof to wall and vent flashing use the right types of material for the job, whether it be galvanized steel or rubber flashing. Also, we always properly caulk all edged and exposed surfaces with watertight sealant to prevent leaking.

Expert Commercial Roofing Repairs

The reason it’s so hard to repair commercial roofs yourself is because leaks are so hard to find in non-tar, non sloping roofs like EPDM membrane roofing. If anyone other than an experienced and dedicated professional attempts to fix this, not only could they repair a segment of your roof where the leak is NOT originating, but inept workmanship could leave gaps in the seams between membranes that must be repaired again. These repeated attempts to fix just one leak can sometimes double, or even triple, the cost of such a repair that could have been done right the first time by us.

If you want your roof installed or repaired right the first time, you need to rely on a professional rather than a quick-fix solution or cheap workmanship. This always saves you the most money in the long run. That’s the standard Roofing Solutions holds ourselves to – we always do it right the first time. Come back to our roofing portfolio page for future updates and pictures that showcase examples of how professional our installations are and how exemplary and permanent our roofing repair services can be.